Splash Mob

A social media challenge for you!

Join our Splash Mob on World Ocean Day 8th June – a social media challenge to start the international Global Water Dances Festival 2021 across the world

  1. Learn the one-minute Dance
  2. Video yourself performing it (you can dance anywhere!)
  3. Publish on your own Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok) and add the hashtag #GWDSplashMob2021 #GWDCork and our supporters: #tanzundtheaterimphynix 📱 upload it live or pre-recorded on 1st-8th June 2021! 
  4. Tag @gwdances and 3 people you would like to challenge to do the Splashmob Dance! 💦
  5. Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!

Watch the solo version by Natasha or the original version with all the choreographers! The moves were chosen at random from entries of site leaders / choreographers during 2020.

Download music here. The music was composed by Shari Lauter, an excerpt of  “Let’s clean it up” music for GWD Cincinnati in 2013. 

Join the wave! Let’s make a Splash!

For more information about how to go live, click here: Facebook | Instagram

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