GWD Cork 2019 – Audience Survey


Global Water Dances 2019

Thank you for coming today!  We’d like to learn more about you.

 Q1. What brought you to today’s performance? (Circle all letters that apply)

      1. To learn more about the importance of the river/water
      2. To attend a free family event
      3. To attend a dance performance
      4. To celebrate an environmental event focused on water
      5. Other: __________________________________


Q2. How much did the performance increase your interest in water issues?  (Circle one number)

(Very much)                6                   5                 4               3              2            1         (Not at all)


Q3. How much did this dance inspire you to take action regarding water issues?  (Circle one number)

(Very much)            6                        5                 4                 3              2          1         (Not at all)

Q4. Which actions are you likely to take as a result of this performance?  (Multiple choice)

      1. Make more efforts to conserve water in my personal use
      2. Change the products I buy based on their water consumption or environmental impact
      3. Donate to organizations that work on water issues, or increase donations
      4. d. Talk to friends, neighbors or others about my experiences here today
      5. Other: __________________________________


Q5. How much did the performance bring a sense of community to you?  (Circle one number)

(Very much)                6          5      4               3                2                         1         (Not at all)


Q6. How much did the performance help you see this location in a new way?  (Circle one number)

(Very much)                6                  5               4                    3              2        1         (Not at all)


Q7. How likely would you be to attend an event like this again?  (Circle one number)

(Very likely)                6         5           4           3         2          1         (Very unlikely)


Q8. Do you know where your tap water comes from?  (Circle one number)

      1. Yes 2. No             If yes, where? _________________________


Q9. Any other comments or impressions?

Q10. What is your gender? (Circle one number)       1. Male      2. Female

 Q11. What is your age group?  (Circle one number)

      1. Under 18  2. 18-24       3. 25-34       4. 35-44       5. 45-54       6. 55-64       7. 65+

May we contact you for follow-up questions?  If yes, please provide an email address or phone number.

e-mail:____________________________________    phone: _________________________________

If this is not collected from you, please mail it to __Roisin O’Gorman, Theatre Department, Muskerry Villas, Western Road, UCC, Cork______________________, ____________________.

We appreciate your time in filling out this form.

This project is financially supported by EUROLAB:

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